Whether you are patching a parking lot or paving an interstate …

we have the best materials & mix designs.

No matter the job, our focus is always on quality. We guarantee that our products meet all mix design specifications including gradation, liquid asphalt concrete, binder performance grade and production temperature.

quality is our mission price is your value 

We create the most rigorously tested precision engineered asphalt on the market, using up to 70% Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP). 


Our regular testing ensures compliance with any specification. 

•Asphalt Mixture Volumetrics 

•Aggregate Gradation 

•Binder Volume 

•Binder/Asphalt Mixture Performance Grading 

•Resistant to rutting and cracking 



  • High quality. Recycling means precision manufacturing and the highest quality pavement materials. 

  • Save money. We can recycle and lower our cost to manufacture while still providing industry leading pavement materials.

  • Convenience. The first asphalt plant of its kind in North America located right down the road.